Pupu cu l'ova (singular m.)

Pupu cu l’ova (singular m.) is a not-too-sweet cookie or bread baked with a hard-boiled egg on top or inside.  Depending on which part of Sicily you come from, these Easter delicacies are also called “cuddura cu l’ova” or “campanaru di Pasqua.”  Pupi (plural) is the Sicilian word for dolls.  Pupi cu l’ova means dolls with eggs.  The cookies or breads are made in many different shapes – the most traditional are circles, doves, roosters, hearts, bells, and baskets.  The name is a misnomer because regardless of the shape they are still called “pupi.” Traditional Sicilian Easter cookie with a hard boiled egg in the center.  
Bunny Ears, Chick, or Basket shapes available. 

Purchase a single cookie or buy 5 and get one free!                        

Triple egg cookie also available in the shape of a basket.

Shipping and In-Store pick-up available.

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